About us

TAS Group is a dynamically developing group of companies that provides a full range of financial services to the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries

The philosophy of our company is based on trust and a turquoise approach to management. We strive to create an ideal and comfortable organization for the future. As an example, our company does not stick to a strict service hierarchy.

For any work process, employees can directly address to the head of the department. We do not control whether people are late for work or leave early. They clearly know and understand the goals, mission and values of the company.

35 branches
more than 500 employees
10 companies

Our company has 11 years of experience in the financial market

It successfully develops, creates hundreds of jobs, and has a significant impact on the development of the economy of Kazakhstan. Takes care of the professional growth of his employees and their continuous training. Actively involves in charity.

TAS Group began its activities in 2010, has 33 branches in the cities of Kazakhstan and two branches in Moscow, where our interests are represented by the 38.ru financial group.

We started regional scaling of business back in 2015. TAS Group must become a high-tech and innovative financial company capable to compete in the global market. When creating these areas, we took into account the needs of our clients.

A loan is often taken to solve housing problems or improve health. And if desired, the client can receive final services from us, according to the principle of "one window". At the same time, there is no defocusing of the main business, on the contrary, we create a kind of ecosystem around it, and it continues to grow and develop.

At the end of the first quarter of following year, the number of TAS Finance Group clients amounted to more than 19 thousand people. In 2019, the company entered the international Mintos platform, where members invest in loans.

Today the group of companies unites 10 companies

Loans secured by a car with the right to drive and the ability to receive money online (MFO TASCREDIT, TASCREDIT ONLINE, 38.ru)

Currency exchange operations (TАSEXCHANGE)

Microcrediting of the population secured by real estate (TASMICROFINANCE)

Profitable investment up to 20% per annum (FINANCE INVESTMENT GROUP)

Construction of state-owned facilities (AHTAS Construction, SK-Retma)

Multidisciplinary Medical Center (Zhangya Med)

Charity and community assistance (ASSYLTAS)

Concessional loans to farmers and rural micro-businesses (Zhetysu Agro Credit)

The professionalism of our team is important to us, therefore we are continuously developing, improving and training. We firmly know that we are stronger together than each one by himself. Therefore, it is important for us to be able to talk, communicate properly, cooperate and be friends. We are a team of like-minded people, we teach each other, highly appreciating the contribution of each to the common cause.

Top management

Dulat Tastekeyev

Head of the "TAS Group"

Ruslan Kim

Managing partner

Aizhan Tastekeyeva


Nurzhan Okimbayev

Managing partner

Leader's words

The foundation of our company is maximum customer satisfaction and a professional approach to each borrower. We successfully work with both small and medium-sized businesses and individuals. Every third client comes to us on the recommendations. Since we have established ourselves as a reliable partner, which not only provides the most favorable conditions for cooperation, but also helps to solve financial difficulties quickly and in a timely manner. We release the frozen liabilities of citizens and give them money to solve urgent problems.

Dulat Tastekeyev

Founder of the group of companies "TAS Group"

Our strategic goal is to become a key player in the financial market, to change it and bring it closer to the people.